Executive Board and Labor Relations Representative


Chapter 470 members elect an Executive Board (“E-Board”) of officers at the end of every odd-numbered year, to begin serving during the following even-numbered year. CSEA assigns a labor relations representative (“LRR” or “labor rep.”) to each chapter to advise and aid the E-Board with its duties to members

Labor Relations Representative

  • Isabela Telles, Labor Relations Representative (as of Fall 2023)
    — lrr {at} csea470.com
    • Patty Padilla-Salsberg, Former LRR (2016-2023)

E-Board Members

January 2024 through December 2025 (As of 12/8/2023 Election results and 4/18/2024 meeting).

  • Shawn Pullum, President
    — president {at} csea470.com
  • Fanny Salgado, Vice-President
    — vp {at} csea470.com
  • Delia Edeza, Past President
    — pastpresident {at} csea470.com
  • Maria Marin, Secretary
    — secretary {at} csea470.com
  • Marlene Hernandez, Treasurer
    — treasurer {at} csea470.com
  • Brenda Jones, Chief Union Steward (Elected as sole nominee 4/18/2024)
    — chiefsteward {at} csea470.com
    • Nathaniel McGriff, Former Chief Steward (Resigned 3/18/2024)
  • Jess Green, Communications Officer
    — communications {at} csea470.com

Negotiating Team

Other Appointees and Special Advisors

  • TBD

Former E-Boards