Committees & Councils

Members are appointed by the Chapter President and ratified by the E-Board as representatives to committees and councils, as special advisors, as MBCLC representatives, or as Site Representatives. Elected positions include E-Board Officers and additional Union Stewards (the number, if any, is determined by the President).

*Link to the District or non-Chapter website.
**CSEA Representative(s) are current as of 5/31/2023.

Table of Contents


CSEA (Association)

  • Annual Conference*
    • Elected Representative(s) for 2023**:
      • N/A (did not elect/send)
      • N/A (did not elect/send)

Hartnell College (District)

Chapter 470


  • (PROPOSED) College Labor Council
    • TBD
  • (PROPOSED) CSEA 470/Union Council
    • When needed, a Union Council meeting is called with all elected and appointed Officers, Site Representatives, Union Stewards, and Council/Committee Representatives, in attendance.
      • President, Chair (ongoing)
  • Site Council
    • When needed, a Site Council meeting is called with all elected Stewards and appointed Site Representatives in attendance.
      • Vice President, Co-Chair (ongoing)
      • Chief Union Steward, Co-Chair (ongoing)


  • Chapter Standing Committees
    • President, Lead Staff Representative, CSEA
    • Vice President
    • (Other College Labor Leaders of Similar/Equal Rank)
  • Ad-Hoc Committees
    • With the exception of Auditing and Elections, the Chapter President is an ex-officio member of all Committees.
      • Auditing**
        • Treasurer
        • TBA, Chief Auditor
        • TBD, Auditors
      • Grievance**
        • Chief Union Steward, Chair (ongoing)
        • TBD
      • Membership**
        • Vice President, Chair (ongoing)
        • TBD
      • Negotiating**
        • Elected Members (2022-2025)**
          • Delia Ezeda
          • Jess Green, Secretary
          • Julia Silveira
        • President (ongoing)
          • Shawn Pullum, Chair
  • Other Committees
    • Classified Staff Governance Committee
      • President, Lead Representative of the Classified Staff and Lead Staff Rep., CSEA
      • Vice President
      • (Other Staff Labor/Confidential Leaders of Similar/Equal Rank)