CSEA 470 – Letter to the Board President – January 2022

President Padilla-Chavez, Vice President DePauw, President/Superintendent Crow,

Cc CSEA Chapter 470 Executive Board,

We CSEA members are suffering.  Many of us have tested positive for COVID-19.  Many of us have family members we are caring for while trying to work.  Many of us have had to wait up to a week (or longer) for test results.  Some of us are running out of sick leave, and will need it in the days to come because people will continue to get exposed and infected.

We have asked repeatedly for help, for safe facilities, for compassion and flexibility, and it seems like no one is listening.  This District comes across as cold, and uncaring.  The message seems to be, “come back, be normal,” as if we could suddenly undo the trauma of two years of pandemic living and dying.   We are asking for a safe work environment that takes into account the real world that we are living in today.

And this is impacting everyone in our community.  Our local testing site is running out of tests, other schools and businesses are running out of healthy employees, and our people are scared.

The current policies are not enough, and in fact, some are harmful.  We are losing great employees because of Hartnell leadership’s failure to protect us.   They have found other jobs because the working conditions and executive decisions at Hartnell are pushing them out.  Our members are fearful to speak up because there is a lack of trust that what they say will be heard and that they will be treated fairly.

We can’t fix things that aren’t brought up, discussed openly, and are acted on accordingly by leadership with empathy, fairness, and respect.  We are asking again for the Board to hear our cries for help, and listen to those who are on the ground, working tirelessly for our students.

Therefore, We, the Members of CSEA Chapter 470, ask for the following:

  • That students be fully vaccinated prior to coming to campus and starting classes.  A recent message from Hartnell Communications to all students said that having one dose would be acceptable and that they would not be dropped. Not having proof of two doses is not “fully vaccinated” according to the Board Policy/Administrative Procedure 5210.
  • That no one is ever asked to report to work if they test positive for COVID, regardless of whether they are symptomatic.  
  • That employees are provided paid leave for COVID-19 exposure and isolation for Spring 2022, separate from their sick leave.
  • That employees who can work remotely while isolating are allowed to do so.
  • That everyone on campus be required to wear an “effective” or better mask as defined by CDPH.
  • That the most effective face coverings (N95s) are provided to all members of the public, employees, and students at all events.
  • That the District works with CSEA and other labor leaders to develop a safety plan that reflects our current realities and keeps our students safe.
  • That members with high risk medical conditions (or with household members with high risk conditions) be given proper accommodations in a timely manner, including remote work as an option.

Shawn Pullum, President

Fanny Salgado, Vice President

Beth Grigsby, Secretary

Marlene Tapia, Treasurer

Herbert Cortez, Chief Steward

Jess Green, Communications Officer

Delia Edeza, Immediate Past President